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Make  Coolers & Ciders

Make delicious coolers and ciders with us! It’s easy and fun!

What the Sugar?!

We’ve perfected…. craft — low- or even no-sugar — ciders & wine coolers! All our ciders are created from fresh fruit, which is pressed and concentrated using state of the art equipment. This creates a cider that is fresh and crisp – and perfect for a hot summer’s day!

Wine coolers are lively and refreshing white wine based drinks, inspired by classic wine spritzers.

Our specially selected flavours taste just like summer. Perfect to sip by the pool, enjoy with friends at a backyard BBQ or around the campfire.

Step one

Choose your flavours & start your batches. Takes about 10 minutes.

Share batches with friends for more variety

Step two

Three weeks later, come back for canning or bottling.

Takes about 20 minutes.

Step three

Kick back & enjoy thirst quenching ciders & wine coolers.

When it comes to ciders and wine coolers, fresh clean flavour with reduced sugar is where the West Coast is at!

What does it cost? $85 for 51/2 dozen. Cheers to good taste & money well spent!

Browse our selecton of Brew-it-Yourself Ciders & Coolers. Not sure which one to choose? Come in and we’ll help you decide!