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Brew Your Own  Wine

Brew your own Wines at our full-service facility located in beautiful Langley, BC. It’s fun and easy — leave the hassle to us!
Select wine at Langley U Brew

Winemaking - is it really that simple?

Yes, At our facility is absolutely is! We’ll assist you all throughout 3 easy steps to ensure you’ll never pay too much for good wine again.

Step one

Stop in at von eUw BREW, choose which wines you want to make, we’ll help you pour juice, add yeast and voila in 10 minutes your done! Not sure exactly which wine to make? Don’t worry we’re wine drinkers too and can offer suggestions to ensure you decide on the right wine. One batch of wine makes 30 bottles – so you won’t be running out of wine anytime soon!

Step two

Approximately 6 weeks later we’ll call you to arrange a botting appointment. You’ll love this fun, hands-on part of wine making.

Use our winery-grade equipment:

Our automated bag filler easily fills professional-looking attractive 4L standup bags!

Or for bottles, we have the bottle washer and automatic bottle filler. Our air-compressed powered corker keeps wine bottling easy and fun!

After corking you may add labels and shrink caps for a professional finish. In about 20 minutes your 30 bottle batch is bottled, labeled & capped.

Step three

What’s the best part? Cutting your wine budget by half or enjoying your great tasting wine with friends?
Do it now – you have been thinking about winemaking long enough! Call von eUw BREW 604 530 0791 to book a time.

We have a large selection of red wines, white wines, roses and limited-edition wines.