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Brew Your Own  Beer

Brew your own Craft Beers at our full-service facility located in beautiful Langley, BC. A short drive from Surrey, Cloverdale and Aldergrove!

Hey, Beer Drinker….

Yes, I am talking to you! You have already done the difficult work when it comes to beer: discovering what your beer taste buds like and now you’re ready to explore the next step in the beer world, brewing your own and saving some cash in the process!

Be it Pale Ale, Light Lager or IPA’s your taste buds call for, there is no need to have the mess and equipment at home because in a few simple steps you’ll be enjoying your “brewed by you” craft beers.

Step one

First, stop by at von eUw BREW and select from our micro-brewery beers, created at a local microbrewery, pitch the yeast (fancy beermaster term for adding yeast).

Not sure exactly what beer to make? Don’t worry we’re beer drinkers too and can offer suggestions to ensure you make the right choice.

Step two

Approximately 2-3 weeks later we’ll call you to arrange a botting appointment.

You’ll love this fun, hands-on part of making your own beer, using our beer-making grade equipment.

Step three

Finally, impress your friends with your stellar all grain microbrewery style beer. So, your pals (and you!) can have more than one with all the money you’re saving. Remember, the beer you crafted at von eUw BREW, has NO preservatives & must be refrigerated at ALL times!

Get started today & cheers to fresh, local great tasting beer!

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